Life Is Sweeter When It’s Shared

I really wanted to share with you this sweet Halloween picture of my son Collin and his wife, Aubree, and their lion cub Nellie. Then I thought about a possible post. And I realized that the reason this picture is so precious is because they created and participated in it together. They did it as a family, a unit, a team. The fact that their experience was shared is what makes it powerful.

Christopher McCandless said, “Happiness is only real when it is shared.”

Ironic then, that my fellow hiker and now world-renown itinerant traveler died alone. Maybe you’ve seen his story portrayed in the movie Into the Wild or read about him in books and articles. I just came back from hiking the wilds of Alaska so I have some idea what his last days were like and it makes me sad that he was alone.

It makes me said when people feel alone.

As a divorced woman, I know something about loneliness. I also know something about the joy of sharing life. I’ve got an existence crammed with people I love. Every day I try to add to those numbers. But still, there are times when I’m alone. Being alone can be a very good thing…if you want to be alone. If you don’t…put yourself out there in search of someone who is lonely too. Your presence can remedy their loneliness. I warned you up front that my favorite book is the Old Testament. One scripture that doesn’t get quoted enough comes from Proverbs 18:24. “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.”

Not easy if you’re shy or insecure. Not easy for me. But I’ve found that it’s well worth the effort and the risk of rejection. So my hope for you on this Halloween day, as I take the little g-babies trick or treating, is that we encounter one another. That we share the experience of costumes and candy, because even sugar, cherished friends, tastes sweeter when it’s shared.



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