Take A Mental Break Before You Have A Mental Breakdown

What are you guys up to right now? So far this morning I’ve been trying to prepare a speech I have to give this weekend while I’m babysitting my grandkids, trying on the new mascara I got for Christmas so I can do a photo shoot with my littles, cooking a turkey for my son’s birthday dinner, texting my peeps, recovering from this morning’s cross fit torture, reading a book, applying for a visa to an unfriendly land, nursing a couple of broken teeth, doing a batch of laundry, editing on my novel, flossing my teeth, decorating for the party, cleaning the house, driving Eli to school, shaving my legs to test a new razor, paying online bills, listening to my Adelaide sing Happy Birthday to Dallas over the phone, packing my suitcase, shoveling my car out from a continuing blizzard and oh yea, writing a blog post because I love you and love hearing from you all.

Seriously, I love you. If you’re reading this I mean YOU! I dreaded starting a blog, but the stuff I’m learning about the human brain is so darn fascinating I just wanted to share it. It’s not a big blog and I don’t promote it at all, but it’s connected me with lost friends, made friends out of far away strangers, and allowed glimpses into your precious lives. I love that! I really, really do.

I shared with you that my goal for this year is to be more spiritual. Do you think I’m feeling spiritual today when I’m frenzied with so many tasks? Yeah, kinda sorta. But here’s the neuroscience lesson—after a day like today, my brain is going to need some downtime. If I turn tomorrow into another today, my forehead is going to ache. My temples are going to throb. My vision is going to blur. And I’m going to write nonsense and miss the important things people tell me. I’ll have a toxic case of cerebral congestion. Don’t laugh. It’s a real thing brought on by built up of neruotransmitters (brain chemicals). Chronic fatigue allows toxins to accumulate in the brain and partly distribute through the body. If they don’t have a release, and continue to build, you get sick and anxious. You feel achy and lethargic. Confused. A pretty accurate description is brain fog.

There are lots of ways for you to clean your internal body. Two ways: you go to the gym and sweat or go to the potty and well…potty. But how the heck are you supposed to clean your brain?

Your Divine Designer provided a graveyard janitor to help clean away those toxins: Glial cells. Maybe you already know all about glial cells and all the wonders they perform, if not, please research their magical powers on your own. For now know that glial cells are always trying to clean your brain, but they work best at night when you’re in deep sleep. They can also do a “quick clean” during a power nap. They love the times you break away from your hectic days to snooze, meditate, wander through nature, or just plain rest and relax. You don’t just deserve a break—you need one. (The photo is of Christian’s adorable girlfriend, Lauren and her adorable niece Scarlet—their glial cells working hard.)

So that’s my contribution to your day. Take it easy. Clean your brain and find that balance between the “living louder and bolder and more brazen” days, and the days when you just “kick back and chill and relax and renew.” Here’s hoping you’ll find that balance and never feel guilty for resting when you’re weary. Me? I’m off to find where I put my mascara. Oh, dang. I think I might have absentmindedly stuffed it inside the turkey. No joke.



One thought on “Take A Mental Break Before You Have A Mental Breakdown

  1. Ha! Toni, have a great trip. I am giving this link to my daughters. Love You and your words. Just come live by me! Fine. Go take a nap!!! (at the airport)


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