Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I’m writing to you because I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I’m strapped into a roller coaster that’s about to take off, and you’re at the control panel. So here’s my pledge. I’m going to hold on and I’m going to trust that you’ll be smart and keep us safe. I’m also going to promise that I’ll support you in that effort. I’ll do everything I can to keep those around me safe, sane and supportive too, as long as you remember that our lives are in your hands and that our lives matter.

I’ve met you in person. I know that you can be kind and thoughtful. I’ve visited your empires. I know that your brain is capable of brilliance. I know that millions of Americans believed you when you promised to restore America and to change politics. I have faith in my country, in her people and in your office. And get this…I have faith in you.

You might see me as a puny America. You might discount me because I’m a single mother, zeros short of a millionaire. But my struggles make me strong. My experience gives me voice. And my circle knows no bounds. There are no puny Americans. Every citizen in every country matters. So please, President Trump, don’t forget that your office isn’t really about you…it’s about your ability to serve others. It’s about all of the world’s children and the future we’re forging for them.

I have no idea what it’s like to be POTUS, so I’m not preaching. I’m just begging. I’m begging you to be humble, kind, and inclusive. And here’s the thing I admire most about you…you’ve been bullied and are still being bullied, and yet here you are, at the top of the mountain, looking down. To that I say, join us in the trenches every once in awhile. You might learn some invaluable lessons and gain insight you can’t get from the top. For sure you’ll see how long and hard we have to work to earn the dollars politicians spend so fast and freely. You surround yourself with powerful people. Please keep them humble too. Remind them from time to time what service really means.

I’ve studied the promises you made during your campaign. I hope you can keep some and amend others. I hope you will tell the truth to us because Americans can handle the truth. I hope you will listen to the criticism and sort through it for any tidbits that might make you a better POTUS. I hope you’ll show respect others, even when you don’t receive the respect you deserve. Which brings up an issue that I don’t understand. People who oppose you say, “Not MY President.” That’s just silly. You are THE President. That makes you my President, whether I voted for you or not. All this divisiveness only weakens us, so I pray that you’ll find a way to unite Americans. That’s the only way you can make us even greater than we are. Unity is power. Unity is peace.

President Trump, you’ll have to muster unspeakable strength and control to handle this job and keep us from flying off the ride. You’ll have to nurture prudence. You’ll have to seek counsel and take it, sometimes even when you don’t agree…as long as it’s best for America. You’ll have to be inspired. You’ll have to be forgiving because unforgiveness gets in the way of good things. You’ll have to make friends of enemies, and be keen because sometimes enemies appear to be friends.

Let’s move forward in the faith that founded this country, in God and in each other, President Trump—with dignity and honor and gratitude for all that this GREAT country offers. Above all, let’s do it together.

An American Citizen and Mother

2 thoughts on “Dear President Trump

  1. Very well said!!!! We’re all a lil nervous about this RIDE😬😬😬. But, I’m with you! Ready to hold on tight and pray I don’t puke!!!!!!👍🏽 Weeeeeeeeeeeee


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