Out of the Zone

There’s something to be said for your comfort zone. A lot of “behind the scenes” growth takes place there, but when the time is right, out you go into the world for your next season of growth. I’m out. There’s no veil, no shell, no box to protect me. I drank the Kool Aid, signed the document, made the vow. I’ve got a LONG road to travel, but I’ll get there one adventure at a time. Nobody warned me how heavy a zillion gallons of ice water feels when cascading down your neck. It felt incredible! And even with my broken knee, I didn’t stay back and I didn’t stop. If I’m doing to drown, it’s not going to be in self-doubt. Hope you feel the love and good vibes I’m sending your way as you venture into new territory and growth. Now is your moment. Seize it, friends.

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